How to Make an 8 Layer Dip Mexican Style

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First spread black beans around the plate Have to go smoothly and flat, Blackbean should be blended with lime juice and cilantro and salsa to bind.

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Then add the guacamole that I also did in the blender with cilantro and lime juice, Also to be spread flat Creating your second layer.

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Then we had our beloved sour cream again in the same fashion flat and on top of the guacamole.

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Next come the tomatoes also covering the sour cream surface.

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And of course what would a layer dip be without cheese, I use cheddar but of course any cheese would do.

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Then we add our last three layers that consist of cilantro freshly chopped, Scallions and black olives . serve with fresh nacho chips .And there you have your eight layer dip, enjoy !! Viva Mexico!!

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