How to Make All-Natural, Organic Deodorant

I have super sensitive skin & have been looking for a deodorant that keeps me fresh, even after sports, and my skin soft. With this recipe, you can use any essential oils you like or none at all.

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Prep your deodorant an container. I'm reusing an old one, so I've washed and cleaned this one out.

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Measure out equal parts of coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch. I chose to use 100 grams of each.

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Pour all the ingredients into a double boiler and mix it up until smooth and melted together.

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Once smooth, remove from heat and add a few drops of essential oils. I went overboard here with calendula extract, so my deodorant changed color!

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Slowly pour mixture into deodorant container. 300 grams would fill about 3 containers. Make sure to tap them to get out any air bubbles.

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Refrigerate to set.

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I forgot to tap mine, but here it is. Use like regular deodorant. If you made more than one, you can store them in the freezer or fridge so they will keep until you need them!

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