How to Make a Wine Cork Wreath

These can be made in about an hour, if you don't count the time it takes to drink all that wine!

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First, drink LOTS of wine! 😉

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Collect corks. I bought these at a flea market. I guess they belonged to Cork! Apparently Cork liked bad coffee... But I digress...

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You will need a large cardboard square. I cut this one from a shipping box. The larger the square, the larger the wreath you can make.

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Next, at the approximate center of the square- yea, you can get all technical about it and measure... but I just eyeballed it... stick in a push pin with string tied to it.

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Tie the other end to a pen. Sorry about the blurry photo... musta been all that wine! 🍷

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This forms sort of a giant compass that you can use to make the circle which will be the outter edge of the wreath. Pretty neat, huh?! Musta been all that wine!

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For the inner edge, I traced around a hat box lid. A large round tray or plate would work too. Or use the pen/string/compass trick with the string shortened.

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Here's what you're aiming for: a giant donut shape. Again, the size is up to you and it doesn't have to be a perfect circle.

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Cut along the outter edge with scissors. Or 'a scissor' if you want to be all grammatical about it.

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The inner edge is best cut with an Xacto knife. Be careful. Best to forgo the wine and the coffee for this step!.

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This is what you are aiming for. Not an exact circle, but that's ok!

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Start by gluing the corks without red ends around part of the inner edge with the glue gun.

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Next add the corks with red wine stained ends. These resemble holly berries!

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Work in small adjacent patches. Do not do the whole inner or outter edge, as doing so will make the project hard to handle, and will result in a too orderly placement of the corks.

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Keep glueing and adding plain and red tipped corks as you work around the cardboard. I like to cluster the red tipped ones toward the middle and place only plain colored ones at both edges as shown.

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As you complete the glueing, and come back to where you began, you'll have to work the corks in a bit to make them fit. You may even have to cut some or whittle them down with the Xacto knife.

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Add a bow to cover this area (I made my bow out of vintage atlas paper) but any bow will do!

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Hang one or two and enjoy how they look. Celebrate a job well done (with a glass of wine of course!) Cheers! 🍷

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