How to Make a White Christmas in a Jar

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I already finished the one in the background. This next one has a lid meant for canning so I'm going to pretty it up a bit.

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Put the inside part of the lid on your paper or card. Trace around and cut out.

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This step is optional if you don't have a paper punch.

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Put your paper circle into the outer ring and reassemble the lid.

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You can glue it all together now if you want but I won't because I'll be glueing the lid shut later.

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Grab your jar , glue, glitter, and figurine now. This e-6000 glue really is the best. Make sure you get the transparent kind.

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Glue your figure to the bottom of the jar. Make sure you have it facing the front of the jar. There are lines going down the sides. Don't be afraid to use a lot of glue. It'll be buried in snow soon.

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Now, make it snow!

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Put a ring of glue around the inside of the lid. Mine got a little messy. That's the only thing I would change about this glue, it comes out of the tube all crazy sometimes. Put the lid on the jar.

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Next, cut a pretty long piece of twine.

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Put your twine through the tag. My twine is a little hard to work with because it's made of paper.

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Tie around your jar, cut off the extra and you're finished. The twine is giving me a hard time. This guide should be called "Watch Tanya struggle with twine." LOL.

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These little jars are getting trees in them. Waiting for the paint to dry on the lids. They were jelly jars & had writing on the lids, that's why they're getting painted.


You can put anything you want in these jars. I found my trees and lamp posts at hobby lobby in the doll house section.


K, have fun and be creative with it. These make cute gifts.

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