How to Make a Whimsy Holiday Mesh Wreath!

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Here are the supplies you will need to complete your wreath. I'm going with a fun and whimsy candy cane looking mesh.

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Step 1: Start by gathering the end of the mesh like the pic above. Use a wire tie or pipe cleaner to wire it to the frame.

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Step 2: Move down the mesh 6-8 inches then gather together and wire to the frame like shown above.

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Step 3: Continue with step two until you have moved around the whole wreath frame.

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Here is what your whimsy wreath will look like after finishing step three. You can leave your wreath like this or add some fun embellishments.

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I went for more of a simple look with this wreath and clustered three ornaments together and fastened them to the wreath using a pipe cleaner. But, get creative...The possibilities are endless!

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