How to Make a Watermelon Cake

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there is a way to make your own frosting but my friend and I both couldn't do it :) So disregard the cans of coconut milk, agave nectar and vanilla extract.

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cut the top and bottom off the watermelon then trim the rind off and you'll have this. sort of looks like a cake :)

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cut the watermelon into cake-like wedges. I cut it in quarters and then quarters again, giving me 8 pieces.


Using paper towels, pat dry the outside edges of each wedge. this will allow the frosting to stick.

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frost the outside of each piece and put it back together on a platter. continue frosting top and sides until you think it looks like a cake!


note: if you want to add the almonds, here's the place. after you frost each wedge, sprinkle or dip it in the almonds before putting it all back together.


I put the frosted melon in the fridge while I cut up the fruit. It helps firm up the frosting.

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cut up whatever fruit you're going to use.

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place fruit on your cake! put it back in the fridge till ready to serve.


note: the frosting and watermelon can be hard to work with but patience pays off. you also may want to let the frosting defrost a bit before slathering it on the melon.

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