How to Make a Tie Blanket

This is a great comfortable and creative present to make for friends, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend especially with Christmas here🎅. I love this idea and it is really easy...tell me what u think😊

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My first blanket. I like to choose a patter and a color. I usually do about 2 yards or about 6 feet

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My second blanket. I like the tie due so it isn't too plain ☺ you want it long enough for the person you are making it for

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Line the blankets up on top of each other. It doesn't have to be perfect because you will be cutting it. And fabric scissors work really good

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First you want to cut out the corner 3inches on each side. This will make it so you can tie it

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I cut about 2-3 inches in and about 1 inch wide... These dimensions aren't that important

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Then tie the two different blankets together all the way down

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This is what it should look like. I double knot so it stays

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It is so comfortable and cute and a really easy creative present(: anyone please comment if you do it for Christmas or another present:) love to know how it goes ☺


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