How to Make a Sugar Rim for Fancy Drinks

Want to pump up your drinks in a simple, sweet way? Try this guide! (Sorry in advance for the crappy picture quality.)

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Put a small amount of cool water into one bowl, and the same amount of sugar into another. Don't do too much, or you'll end up with a super thick rim.

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Grab your glasses and set them to the side.

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Select a glass and dip it into the bowl of water.

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Shake off any drops of water, and dip into the sugar. Twist the glass around in the sugar for a thicker coating. Tap off any access sugar.

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Do this to the rest of your cups! It's THAT simple :)

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Pour in your drink and enjoy! You'll want to wipe down the outside of the cups (careful not to ruin the sugar) so that your hands don't get all sticky. We found that out the hard way!

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