How to Make a Starburst Bracelet!

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Get out yo wrappas!! This bracelet will take about 34-38 depending on your wrist size (note: it can't be odd numbers and you'll see why)

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Lay out a starburst wrapper and make sure it is entirely unfolded and isn't torn. A huge tip is to carefully unwrap starbursts when eating them and collecting wrappers.

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Notice the natural folds of the wrapper because this is where we will be folding.

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Fold inward on the two creases you should've noticed in the last picture, like so.

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Fold in half. Hot-dog style. Lol.

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Fold it in half again. Easy peesy lemon squeezy, eh? Another tip is when you're folding, decide if you want more white to show or less. It depends on what you prefer but the outside is what shows.

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Now, fold it in half hamburger style... So it looks like a starburst pacman.

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Like the first fold you made, fold the two sides into the center.

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This is a picture of the side you DO NOT want to have to work "through". It is very crucial, unless you enjoy wasting time trying to pick it through, that when you put pieces in, this side be up.

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This is the side you will be putting your pieces through. Much less difficult.

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So here I have started a bracelet and all you have to do is take a folded piece and stick it through. Make sure you have the opening side down. (Down would be toward the rest of your bracelet).

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See how it's at the top? Good job! Now keep doing that until you reach 34. Also, on a sidenote, I didn't include the start because it's so simple. Just make sure ALL of your pieces are folded tightly.

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This is a video of me being stupid trying to explain but basically, take a toothpick and pick out the flaps from your last piece.

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Here we go with the most difficult step, closing it off. This will be a long explanation so if you don't follow I will post a better explanation in the comments because I can barely write anything! :o

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This is your completed product:) I hope you enjoyed and now you can easily impress your friends. (two extra tips in the comments)

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