How to Make a Starbucks Frappuccino at Home

A tried and tested method to get a home made Frappaccino that tastes like the Starbucks real thing!

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This is my tried and tested method to create a home made Frappaccino that tastes as close as possible to the Starbucks shop bought alternative. If your an addict like me, this will save you money!

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Firstly... This only works with the official Starbucks instant coffee! Take it from a veteran, every other coffee blend sucks! I recommend the Italian Roast Blend.

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Grab your ingredients, ice and the glass you will be using to drink from...

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Fill your glass with Ice. This will stop you from waisting too much and give you a fool proof estimate.

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Add milk to your ice filled glass. This is enough for one person. Measure an additional glass per person.

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Add to blender...

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And the rest of your ingredients. For each additional person, add another sachet of coffee, glass of ice/milk and tea spoon of chocolate drink mix.

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Blend for Ice/medium speed (depending on your blender type)

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Blend until it looks creamy.

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Add a straw and pile on the pounds!


If you are looking to create more of a Starbucks store blended Frapp, rather than the stronger bottled kind, simply add an additional glass of ice and chocolate syrup... Plus squirty cream if desired!

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