How to Make a Simple Solar Cooker

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Basic supplies - foil, wrap, box. Remember, this won't cook a meal - it is just for fun. S'mores are the main menu attraction. It will illustrate solar cooking for a young audience.

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The cooking supplies for the s'more entree!

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Cut a six inch square on three sides - not all around.

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Tape the plastic to the box on the underside.

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Place the foil on the bottom and sides of the pizza box. The pie pan is the cooking utensil.

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Crumple and roll some newspaper to serve as the insulation around the pan. Then assemble the s'mores and place them on the pan.

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Place the solar cooker and s'mores in direct sunlight.

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The finished product after 15 minutes. Naturally, after they were placed in the sun, it became cloudy. Perhaps 40 minutes is needed on cloudy days and 15-20 minutes in bright sunlight.

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The finished product after "sampling." The chocolate bar was softened as was the marshmallow. Grandkids thought they were great!


This is just a fun project with younger kids and is not really a high duty cooker. Enjoy it and have fun with it. Other things that might cook are an egg and possibly cookie dough (small cookies).

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