How to Make a Recycled Magazine Tree (Christmas Tree)

This is one my husband's mother used to make, but I got it from Tootoo4luv's YouTube video. Of course, you can find it on Martha Stewart's site as well.

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Grab an unwanted magazine. The height of the magazine determines the height of your tree. I think this magazine was around 100 pages & took about an hour. Put on your favorite show & here we go!

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First, break in spine by flipping book open backwards. push hard all along here. Then carefully tear off front & back cover. If they're left on it causes a gap in back of tree. Leave spine intact.

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With first page, pull top right corner towards spine. This places top edge along spine as shown.

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Fold it down again in the same way. I think it's kinda how you make a traditional paper airplane.

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Turn the page. Now we have to get rid of this piece, so there's a nice straight edge along the bottom. We will do this by tucking it away...

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Just slip it under (under that guy actually), tucking it all the way inside...

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And crease. Done. Except you have an entire magazine full of pages to do 😜

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Half way there! At least it's super easy.

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Done. Now the fun part of choosing how to decorate it! Leave as is, add glue n glitter n topper for Christmas, spray paint in solid colors & make a few of varying heights n colors...what's your idea?

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Click on my name to see the guide I made for the bow πŸ˜‰


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