How to Make a REAL Strawberry Orange Banana Smoothie

This will impress your friends AND your taste buds! Zero added sugar, all fresh fruit, and only takes about 10 minutes for awesomeness. (Tip: you can freeze leftovers for a tasty frozen treat)

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Here's what you need, for this to work it helps if you get the best.

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Core the strawberries and put them in first.

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Peel your banana and cut into 1in slices so it blends a little smoother.

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When working with cuties, always give them a good squeeze or two first ;) the peel will come right off and speed up the process.

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Make sure you get as much peel and "white" off as you're willing to, if you want it a little chunkier then I guess you could leave it :)

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Separate oranges into individual wedges or at least down to 2-3 wedge portions then throw them in.

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My wife helped and she isn't as obsessive as me (hence the orange halves)

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Start scooping your yogurt into your mix. Don't forget to lick the lids! P.S. you can choose whatever flavor you want, I like strawberry and strawberry/banana.

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Almost there...

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Dump the ice on top so when you blender sucks everything down it gets the ice last

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Get your button pressing finger ready!

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Eye of the delicious storm

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Don't blend too long, it should be a medium thickness.

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Use your party cups so you don't need to do the dishes after you go into your fruit coma.

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If you REALLY want to impress your friends notch out a little bit of your strawberries and place them carefully on the side of your cups for a fancy "restaurant-style" look. haha

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Way to go you! Super healthy and it doesn't taste like it at all!

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