How to Make a Quick, Fast, Rice Crispy Treat for All Ages

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You're going to be making some Rice Krispies treats from Mars Bars, Honey, & Rice Krispies. So try to get everything on the supplies list! This is a quick fix for everybody out there with a microwave.

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Unwrap your Mars Bars and put them in your Pyrex or Microwave-friendly container. Cut them in half, so that it'll make the melting process easier and faster.

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Set your now-cut Mars Bars in the microwave for approximately 30-50 seconds. This depends on your microwave's heating capacity. (Try with 30secs first - put back in if you want it to melt some more.)

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Once out of the microwave, get your spoon and start mixing the Bars together to form a gooey mess! (Kids go crazy over this part!)

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See! Gooey Mess! Once you get a similar result, add in some rice Krispies... Don't add too much, cover just about half of the chocolate and add to suit your preference. Then, start mixing it together.

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Once you feel there's an approx equal ratio of Rice Krispies to Chocolate, this is where you add honey. Add 4-8 tablespoons of honey to the mixture and mix. You will notice a slight shine in the mix.

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Don't worry if you feel there's a lot of Rice Krispies in there. Will teach you a trick to reduce. (Just pick them out). Keep on mixing till honey is even throughout.

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Let go of your spoon. It's time to get down and dirty with your creation. Start mixing with your hand. You'll notice mixing is more effective here. The Rice Krispies settle into a brown-gold color.

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Once you get the brown gold color (seen in the previous photo), call your kids, friends, family, to start pulling chunks off and rolling them into a small ball shape (almost the size of a malteser).

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And voila! You can make two platefuls of these with 6 mars bars.

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Refrigerate for a good 5-20 minutes then enjoy eating. (Note: you can eat straight off the plate before refrigerating, but it'll lack the solid feeling of biting into the piece) HAPPY EATIN'

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