How to Make a Paracord Bracelet and Dog Collar

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Materials Needed: 550 Paracord (order online or found in local Army Navy Stores), Measuring tape, Lighter, Scissors.

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Measure off about 22 inches for the bracelet core. Fold and form a loop as shown. Then tie an overhand knot where the two ends meet.

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Cut off a 4 ft section of each color paracord. Use a lighter to heat both ends. Push both ends together and allow them to fuse together. Be careful not to burn yourself.

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Both cords have fused and cooled. Again--be careful! Melted paracord will BURN you! (Note: as an option you could stick with one cord color and avoid this step)

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Bring the red/black fused cord behind the white loop.

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Bring one cord (red side) around to the front of the white cord and form an S shape loop. This begins the Cobra Weave.

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Bring black cord around and enter the red loop (left side), go around back of the white cord and then exit the red loop (right side)

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Cinch the knot formed from the previous step. It should look similar to the image shown. Leave out 1 inch of white cord loop as pictured. The white loop will clasp the finished bracelet together.

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Repeat the same operation as before, but this time create the S loop from the opposite side. Pull the black cord through and cinch up the knot.

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Continue repeating the Cobra Weave, and you will see a pattern emerge.

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Continue the Cobra Weave and stop when you are about 1/2 inch from the overhand knot.

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Once you have tested the bracelet for fit and made adjustments, cut the excess cord with scissors and singe the cut ends with the lighter. Be careful! Don't allow melted cord to touch your skin.

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Finished bracelet - enjoy! Now onto the dog collar.

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Please make me a new dog collar. Please, please, pretty please!

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I use a cheap $5 collar from a regular department store. Get one that fits your dog perfectly. I will use the Cobra Weave from previous steps, but this time I'll weave around the collar.

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Fuse cords together with lighter, and tie the starting knot as shown in the previous steps for the bracelet. Note how I've used duct tape to hold the collar down while I weave.

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Continue weaving down the length of the collar.

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Weave around the adjustment slide. Make sure collar fits your pet properly because you may not be able to adjust the slide with the paracord weaved around the collar.

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Once you have arrived at the other buckle, cut excess cord with scissors and singe ends. The finished product is shown above.

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One happy doggy!

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