How to Make a Monster High Cake

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Start by baking the two boxes of cake into four 9-inch round cakes. Level them and layer 3 of them together with frosting. Apply a light layer of frosting on the outside and let it harden.

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I printed out a Monster High Skulette pattern for reference. Use it to cut the design for the remaining layer.

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Use a sharp-ended, serrated knife to cut the pattern into the cake.

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I used Duff black and blue fondant, as well as some Wilson's white fondant I had left from another project. You can purchase it at Hobby Lobby or Party City.

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Roll out the black fondant using a rolling pin. Use powdered sugar if it sticks too much to the pin or surface. Place the rolled fondant on top of the 3 layers of cake.

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Trim the excess fondant with a knife and smooth it with the rolling pin.

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Roll out the blue fondant. Use a pizza cutter to cut it into large diamond shapes.

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Apply a small amount of frosting to the back of the diamonds and stick them around the cake.

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After the first round of blue diamonds.

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Apply an optional second row of blue diamonds.

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Next, apply a crumb layer of frosting to the Skullette layer and let it harden.

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Roll out the white fondant and apply it over the Skullette layer. Trim the excess with a knife.

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Carefully place the Skullete layer on top of the black and blue layer.

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Roll out more black and white fondant. Cut into 1/2 in strips, place them in pairs, and twist them together.

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Apply the twisted fondant string around the base of the Skullette layer. Roll up balls of the black and white fondant and place them around the base of the cake.

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Using the Skullette printout, cut the eyes and nose out of black fondant.

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Place the eyes and nose on the Skullette layer using a small bit of frosting.

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Use red fondant or color white fondant to use for the bow.

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Create the bow with the fondant and put on the cake with a bit of frosting.

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Last, use some regular black frosting and a large tip to apply an outline to the Skullette layer.

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This was a trial run for my daughter's birthday next month. In hindsight, I would make the Skullette smaller, the fondant balls at the base smaller, and purchase some red fondant for the bow.

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