How to Make a Kumquat Jam

Make a delicious homemade kumquat jam . It can't be easier

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This recipe is for all fruits that you want to use. In my case, I chose kumquats cause I have a little tree in my house

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Then you have to cut the fruit. The size of the pieces depend on the amount of pulp that you want to conserve in the jam. I have cut the kumquats in half.

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Then you have to add the sugar and the fruit in a container. You have to use the same amount if fruit and sugar (200 grms in my case). You are going to obtain the same amount of jam than the fruit one

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Leave the sugar and the fruit together from 7 hours to 24 hours till you see that the sugar and the fruit juice have become a syrup. Then put it to slow cook.

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While it is cooking you have to be mixing and smashing it with a wooden spoon to get the more juice that you can. You have to wait till it is thick and you can leave the amount of pulp you want

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Finally, you have to put it in a glass recipient and when it is cold put it in the fridge. And voila you have a delicious and homemade kumquat jam

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