How to Make a Hoodie Pillow

An important skill for people who choose not to buy travel pillows. *ahem*

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Alright, get your hoodie. Mine is fresh and clean, as I did laundry today.

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Flip it over.

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On the left side, do the standard clothing fold: one side over, and bring the arm down. You got it.

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Repeat. Your hoodie should be somewhat straight and neatly aligned.

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Now for the tricky part! FOLDING. Rather than folding 3 sections equally, you're gonna fold just 2! I know. It will work! You're reading my snap-guide remember? So, fold one end short (!) like this...

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...and fold the rest over snugly. Two sections. Great job. I like a firm pillow. If you want it loose, don't fold as tight.

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Almost there kids. Now, take the actual *hood* of your hoodie, and cover the lower half you folded. For fun, I made mine peak like this. It isn't necessary.

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Flip it over. Shove the folded part into the hood. Like a stack of papers going into a pouch.

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Tightly pull those hoodie strings you never use!

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Lo and behold! 😮 You have a pillow.

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There it is. The solution for an aching neck, and heavy head on car rides and other travels. Save your $8 and make a hoodie pillow.

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