How to Make a Freddy Krueger Glove

Freddy Krueger glove replica, built with stainless steel, copper plates, and a leather glove.

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First draw a design pattern to build your glove this guide uses pictures from several different gloves I've made. Remember for each movie there is a different glove. This pattern is for the 5th glove

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You can buy a "do-it-yourself" blade set from www., or make your own as follows.

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Buy four cheap dollar stainless steel knives, use the cut out pattern of your blade to make sure you bought the right one.

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Grind the knives into shape. On every glove I've made I found that this is the hardest part, you can simply buy them if you choose.

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Cut the cooper sheet into the shape with the scissors and the blueprint cut-outs. The backplate can be copper or to be more movie-accurate, it could be brass

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Shape the fingers by using a broom stick and your rubber hammer.

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The final shape should fit your fingers.

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On the tip of the fingers, make sure the tips are rounded and not flat

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Test your drilled holes, trust the diagram you created.

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The five fingers should match the holes on the backplate, make sure all the holes align for the rivets

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Testing the blades, the inner round part should match the shape of the finger tip.

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Cut stripes of copper and solder them to the bottom finger pieces

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Another hard step is the soldering of the stainless steel. Here the steel has to be heated more than the copper. Make sure you heat the steel/copper, and not the solder.

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Test your pieces on the glove in case any adjustments need to be made.

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The solder does not have to be clean and even, rough look is better

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Use the rivets to hold the lower parts of the fingers to the backplate.

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The glove could be any desired color, use the sand paper to give a rough look to the leather

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To make it look more rough burn the globe with the propane torch, not too much just give it a crispy look

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Rivet the upper part of the fingers

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And finally rivet everything to the glove, make the holes on the glove according to your test fits. You are done!

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