How to Make a Fish Tail Skirt

Easy way to update a long skirt from last years style.

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I got a thrifted skirt. It's got a sheer layer over the polyester liner.I first measured how high in front and how low in the back I want it to sit, by trying it on and measuring. Flip inside out .

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And pull the sheer up. I measured and marked the front and the back. Then making a straight line from the two point and marking half way. The half way is what I used to mark my stretched out "S" mark.

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The "S" was done free hand. Also I went a little shorter in the front then my measurement because I decided to make the sheer layer longer then the liner.

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Then pin and cut.

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This is what the liner looked like laid out in a front view.

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Then letting down the sheer layer. The sheer on this skirt was pleated at the waist so it was a little hard to pin in place. Also not having a body form I improvised.

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I used a fat couch pillow, and pants hanger. And putting the skirt on it. This helped the fabric fall naturally.

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I free hand cut the sheer all the way around leaving a few inches longer then the liner you can finish the edges with a machine. I used a lighter and went around to finish the edges. Hope you enjoy :D

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Here's the skirt

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