How to Make a Fabric Christmas Cone Tree

Learn how to make the first of 3 different styrofoam cone Christmas trees for the holiday season.

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These super easy trees require no exact measuring. Just cut strips of fabric based on the size cone you are using. I used scrap fabric I already had and the cone came from the dollar store!

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You want the strip to be narrow enough to stack as you move up the tree and still have definition in each row.

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To make the pleats, simply add a dab of hot glue to the cone, press the fabric down, then gather and glue each layer.

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Continue the last row past the top of the cone.

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Gather the fabric at the top, add hot glue to the middle and press. Be careful!!! The glue is extremely hot!!!

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Check out My SnapGuides to learn how to make the same trees using felt or paper!

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