How to Make a DIY Photography Light Box

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Close-up photography requires great lighting. Sunlight is great but with a DIY light box you can take great photos anytime of the know for those I can't sleep midnight projects!

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Find a cardboard box big enough to fit the items that you wish to photograph. Computer boxes are great - sturdy & come in large sizes (ahem...and you may be able to sneak one from the office).

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Use your packing tape to keep the bottom of the box closed. Now lay the box on its side with the open end facing out & for now leave the cardboard flaps closed to help with stability while cutting.

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Measure and mark about 1inch inside each edge of the box on both sides and the top. Connect the marks with a sharpie to cut along with your box cutters, use a ruler to help get a straight edge.


Once you have cut your three holes out you can remove the cardboard flaps from the open side with your box cutters.

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Now cut your tissue paper a bit larger then your holes & use tape on the outside of the box to hold in place. Next insert your white poster board with a slight curve DO NOT CREASE & tape in place.


Set up three desk lamps to shine through the tissue paper filters. Use light bulbs that provide natural light rather then regular soft white light bulbs that give off yellow rays.

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Now take some test shots! Adjust lighting away from the box if you have shadows & add more tissue paper to filter light as needed. My poster board is a bit too short here :( but you get the idea :)

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Finished Product! (unedited)

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