How to Make a DIY Galaxy Print Tshirt

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First of all, I decided to print an inverted cross. You can do this, another shape or do the whole thing it's up to you. If you do a shape use masking tape to mark it out like this.

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Then cover the rest with newspaper. Put newspaper inside too or it'll go through.

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Cover the surface with newspaper and wear old clothes, wear gloves. Put bleach in spray bottle. I first tried it watered down but it did nothing so I used it neat. Spray as desired!

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Once dry, remove the tape. I had some bleeding but that's ok I'll fix that in a bit. Next wash and dry the top to stop the bleach reacting any more.

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Next I used black fabric paint to touch up the bits that had bleach on that I didn't want to. Then mask it off again like before!

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Using acrylics, sponge on paint. I went for mostly pink and orange colours but purple and blue work good too. I added white first then yellow, pink, purple. Then added more white.

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When you're happy, using a paintbrush paint white dots for stars!

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This is how it turned out, I'm pretty happy!

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I added glitter as well but you don't have to. Next take all the tape and newspaper off.

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Then you need to set the print with heat. Best way is to iron, you can also use the tumble dryer...


Place a cloth over the print and put the iron on its hottest setting. Iron pressing down firmly for a few minutes without steam. I then like to wash it again but that's up to you. Finished!

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