How to Make a DIY Earbud Holder Using a Plastic Card

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Supplies. Not pictured - alcohol.

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Take an old card, like a store loyalty card, and cut 2 sides of a 3/4" triangle with the point facing you. Then cut the third side.

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Mark the points for the triangle on the other end. Use the book as a square (not that I'm a little compulsive).

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Cut the triangle. Then take your holepuncher and punch a hole about 1/8" to 1/4" in from one triangle.

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Like so. You can clean off the pen marks with the alcohol.

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Take your emery board and file the points so they're a little smoother and rounded.

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Stick the jack through the hole. Then wind the cord around the card inside the triangles.

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At the end, pull the buds to one side and mark where they fall. You want them to have a little tension to stay on the card. Punch a hole barely on the edge of the card so it looks like a "u."

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And you're good to go. If you mess up with the second hole, you can trim off that side and punch another hole on the other side.

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