How to Make a Cheap GRID-IT! Wrap Organizer

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GRID-IT organizer are great! But one like picture above with 12" * 8" dimensions will cost you $19.99 :( Let's half the cost by DIY!

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All you need is a $5 12" * 8.5" hardboard clipboard(better with low profile clip),1.1 and 0.7 inch wide heavy duty elastic band(2 yards for each) and some tools like pliers,scissors,needle and thread.

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Use pliers to remove the clip from clipboard, watch your fingers and try not to scratch the board too much.

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Cut the elastic band into two length: 17.5 inch and 23 inch, use the same color thread to sew them into loop.

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Wrap all the loops to the board, just make them overlaps randomly.

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That's it, you made it! See how good it binds all my everyday stuff together and fits in my STM messenger bag's slot!

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