How to Make a Bird Feeder From Pringles Can

How to make a simple bird feeder out of old Pringles can that we generally throw away. You can use grain seeds, sunflower seeds etc to attract birds to your backyard. And feel good!

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Take Pringles can and wrap newspaper around it. Paste it with glue.

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Can should look like this. Drill a hole in the bottom and also in the middle of the plastic dish.

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On top of the can, insert sketch pens in a cross. Tie the string through both of them. Screw them together with nut bolts.

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Cut through the bottom of the can and insert the matchbox halfway. Fill the whole can with grain and tie it up in the backyard where there isn't much human activity. Keep away from cat's reach.

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Wait for the birds! Keep and camera ready! Note: it may take a few days for the birds to find the new food source.

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