How to Make a Basket Out of Packing or Craft Paper

Why buy when you can make? Learn how to make easy storage for less than $5!

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My finished basket ended up being way bigger than I expected but made a nice little home for some yarn.

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I used new kraft paper from the paint isle but repurposing used packing paper would add even more character. Check out for options in your area. Cut your paper to length.

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Fold your cut pieces down to 2 inches or desired width. The folding adds structure. I used 6 pieces for the sides at 49inches and 12 pieces for the base at 37 inches. Added the extra inch for overlap.

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Use sewing machine or a needle and thread if you're desperate to secure the folds and add more stability. This is where the good tunes and patience comes into play.

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Finished pieces, cut to length, folded, stitched closed and ready to mingle!

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Close up of the stitches - think it looks cool with the black but you can use any color thread. *note: I've seen the packing paper in a range of colors as well.

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Get your weave on with the 12 base pieces. Weave them and push them together - again patience is a virtue.

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You'll want them to be as close as possible.

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Ok- now learn from my mistake and glue now! A lot! It's so much easier to do it now when the project is flat- plus, securing the base keeps everything happy and together when you work the sides.

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I folded the edges over to help give it shape before weaving the sides because otherwise it's a Hot mess. The glue was just a helpful weight here but looked better than the bottle of wine I was using!

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Ok- see the resemblance of a hot mess?!? Tape is your friend here. Stagger the starts of your weaving sides so that the edges are on different sides. Don't glue yet b/c you'll have to tighten it up.

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Keep weaving and pushing the row down. It helps to tug on the top of the base sides to move the row down but make sure it's secured to itself & low enough do that it doesn't un-weave on the other end.

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Keep going until your pieces are gone and the rows are tight- or until you lose your patience and decide it only needs to be 2 inches high! Then glue that bad boy together.

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So I ended up with a left over piece that wouldn't fit- so I used it as a border along the top. I just worked it around then stitched it in place. You can just fold over the edges and glue though.

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Might wanna do a better stitching job then I did- oops.

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Pinched the edges and worked it into a neater shape. If only my body was as easily manipulated.

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Just to give you an idea of the size. Was originally going for a basket to fit in one of those cubbies of the Ikea bookshelf behind it. *note to self- learn how to measure.

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2 hrs later... My yarn gets a new home.

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