How to Make a 5 String Braid

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Cut out 5 different color strings, arms length, and tie a knot at the top to connect them. Lay them out on a table or flat surface.

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Tape your strings down, and begin the bracelet, by picking up the string farthest to the left.

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You take that string(in my case the green string) and cross over the two strings next to it, so the green string would now be in the middle.

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Now, you go over to the right side, and pick up the farthest string on the right. In my case, it was the yellow string.

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You do the same thing you did with the green string, but from the other side. :) Take the yellow string, and cross over to the right, over the two strings next to it, so that its now in the middle. :)


To continue the pattern, you just repeat the steps that I just went through. By taking the string on the outside, and crossing over two strings into the middle. The bracelet is really like a braid. :)

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Once you get going, the bracelet should start to look like this... Depending on your color choice of course! :) Tie a knot once you reach your desired length, and your done! :)

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I made mine really long and then put a charm on it to make a necklace! It turned out really cool! I hope you enjoyed my guide! Comment please, and tell me how I did and what you think! Thanks again!:)

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