How to Make a 45 Day Emergency Candle Out of Crisco

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Did you know a very simple to make but extremely useful emergency candle is only a cupboard away? An interesting fact. The Crisco brand was originally a candle company.

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Gather your supplies. Any size tub will do but the standard 48oz lasts longer. You can pick up a candle wick at most craft stores or the Internet. 10" wick works well for this tub.

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Open the can. If you decide to taste it, it will taste bad.

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Take your stick, in this case a Chopstick. Find the center and poke a hole.

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Go all the way to the bottom of the tub.

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Place your wick on top of the hole. The good thing about pre-made wicks like this is the metal piece. You can use a standard wick / string, but the metal piece makes it a bit easier to push in.

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Use one hand to hold the string then use the chopstick hand to start working the wick down the hole.

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I found if you keep it pretty straight and taut you can get a good push on the metal piece.

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Work it all the way down to the bottom.

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The hole might seem a bit big but don't worry about this. It fills in naturally and when you burn. Smooth the top area around the hole with your finger and lock the wick in place.

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Light it!

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The top part will burn off in a few seconds. Once the fire hits the Crisco, it will start acting like a normal candle.

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That is it! Your candle will now burn for a very long time. I still have not tested the whole 45 days but from what I can see, it should hold up for a long time.

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When you are done. Blow it out and let it cool.

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Bonus, the lid makes it easy to store.

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This makes a very cost effective long lasting emergency candle. I recommend storing the items separately and making the candle when needed. A sealed Crisco container will last a long time.

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