How to Level Up Fast on Simpsons: Tapped Out

Sometimes it can be annoying on STO when you want to get a building or just a few more donuts, and you can't because levelling up takes a while- but not with these tips and tricks!

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You'll need a decent amount of money (over 10,000); to do this quickly, set your characters on hourly jobs for a day or two. Alternatively, you can buy some money with donuts.

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Next, you'll need to buy lots of the most expensive trees- I use the $595 trees. Place them in an open space until your money runs out and collect the experience from them. You'll get 70-100 XP each.

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Now you need to sell ALL of them. You should get about 40-60% of your money back. Repeat the process and you should get a couple of thousand XP points. When you run out of money, just save up again.



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Set all of your characters to their one-hour activities, hourly for as long as possible. It may be a little boring, but it works. Also, add a hundred friends on Origin (Google Tapped Out friends).

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Tap their until you have collected from all of them; you should have got about 3000 XP and about $5000, which you can use to buy more trees and repeat the process.

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If you have got some credit to spend on iTunes, you could buy some donuts, which you could use to speed up 24-hour activities, buy money or buy buildings that come with characters like my Frink's Lab.

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Then you can set them on their one hour activity and repeat the tree process etcetera.


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