How to Learn Almost Anything Online for Free

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Since I found out about this free online schooling site a couple of months ago I've learned more then I did in all my years of schooling. Right from my computer.


You, and/or your kids can learn everything from basic math to college level math. History, chemistry, biology, financing. Over 3,000 lessons are already available.

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The site is called Not only does it have over 3,000 video lectures that are easy to learn from. But also has many other features to make learning easier.

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I first learned about this when I watched a TEDtalk about it at You and search for khan academy and watch the video about it. You'll see why it's so exciting.

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The heart of it are his videos. You never see his face. Just the black board that he writes and draws out his lessons as he explains it all. Easy to fallow and often entertaining too.

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To get a taste of how easy the videos are to learn from. Go to YouTube and search "khan academy (subject)". For example "khan academy Vietnam war" or "khan academy algebra".

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The site has more then just videos. You can practice lessons there too. The system is based on mastering concepts. Not grades. Once you've mastered something you move to next concept.

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The site also has a guide. So if it's math you're studying. You could start at basic addition. Once mastered it'll suggest what lesson you should go through next. All the way up to advanced calculus.


The same structure is for other subjects as well. For example you can start at basic biology and work your way to advanced.

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Schools are actually using this site to "flip the class rooms". This means the videos become the lectures and they can watch them at home. Then do the actual practicing in class.


So what use to be homework is done in class and the teachers can help them when they really need it. The class room has flipped.


I just wanted to share this free service. If your kids need help, search the site. If you want to learn something search the site for it and learn it. At your own pace with no embarrassment.


If you're already knowledgeable at a specific subject. You can also become a coach on the site and help others. Making it a global classroom.


I hope this helps someone as much as its been helping me learn the things I've always wanted to learn. Also a great tool to help your kids learn.

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By the way. Since the videos are on YouTube. You can learn from your smartphone as well. There are also some khan academy apps available.


Happy learning!!!!

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