How to Integrate Twitter to Nearpod

Follow your twitter topics with your class in real time!

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Sign in to to access the Nearpod Content Tool.

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Choose the NPP in which you would like to add the twitter feed.

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Click on the Add+ button. The Features list will display. Select the Browse the Internet feature.

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Go to, enter the topic on the Twitter Search bar and copy the URL when results appear.

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Go back to the Content Tool, paste the URL on the URL box of the interactive feature and click on Save.

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Once you have finished editing the NPP, you have to select it and it will appear highlighted in blue. Then you need to press the Publish button.

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Open the Nearpod app and log in as a teacher. Select the NPP you will use for the lesson. With the Share button, you can send the twitter feed to your students.

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VoilĂ ! Students can include twitter discussions as part of the lesson! Interact with the NPP and the twitter feed will update every time you go back to that slide ;) Learn more at

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