How to Improve Your iPhoneography Skills

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This includes photo taking tips, editing, and continued learning.

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This tip is especially for Instagrammers! More on that later.

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Look for an angle that's completely different than your front-facing eye-level shot. I took this one laying in the tanbark under the swing. Try low, above, behind, close-up.. Make it unique!

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Don't try to fill up your photos. Give it some space! Tiny subjects are common in iPhoneography. Run with it! And try not to put your subject in the middle. The rule of thirds applies too.

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I found a great canned light in my hallway for this one. Give lighting a thought. When outdoors, you are best off early morning, late afternoon, or on cloudy days when shadows aren't so harsh.

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Don't know why, but the iPhone makes an imperfection look cool! Try photographing something that's moving. (edited this pic. In LoMob)

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I love silhouettes! Best time for these is near dusk. The light must be behind the subject. Also, in front of a window, doorway, or lamp works great! (edited this in PhotoWizard)

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Strong lines and contrasting colors are something to look for. They can be beautiful! (edited with "Dramatic Black and White")

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Consider going on a photowalk just looking for textures. Cracked paint, wood, cement, etc.. You can blend these with photos for cool effects. (edited this in PhotoWizard)

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I love apps.! If you are beginning or don't want to pay, consider trying free apps. first. However, I've found a few good ones can go a long way. (another SnapGuide coming soon on my favorites!)

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Instagram is a free photo app that not allows you to apply filters, but it's a social networking and photo-sharing site. I've learned so much there, and you get instant feedback from others.

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You'll learn a lot by following people & hashtags you find interesting. I guarantee it will teach you a lot about the world and yourself and iPhoneography! You might start noticing lots of new things!

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And lastly, keep your eyes open & look all around you all the time! The best thing about your iPhone is that it fits in your pocket, so you almost always have it with you. Inspiration is everywhere!

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