How to Identify the Difference Between Tools (Simplest)#1

This is a quick educational guide to educate someone who has no prior knowledge in tools but want to get a little familiarized with what they are. Congrats! :)

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Ok so first thing is first. A tool is considered a machine! Even though some don't have moving parts they are. A machine is anything that makes a task easier, basically it'll require less effort

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This is a wrench, Duh! But wait its not THAT simple. Sorry :/ this is a open ended wrench it has two sides which are in most cases different sizes.

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This is a combination wrench. In most cases are the same size on both ends. The closed end is in a sense miniature socket used for hex head bolts or screws.

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This is an adjustable wrench. It's a universal wrench that can be adjusted to multiple sizes.

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This is a ratchet. Ratchets are used for many things, but the most common use is with sockets. Sockets are used to remove/put on certain screws or bolts. (These are considered a type of wrench)

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This is a socket. These go with a ratchet. These go wit hex head bolts and screws.

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A ratchet and socket.

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This is a Allen wrench. These are used for screws or bolts with a head that is in the shape of a hexagon.

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This is a screwdriver. The most universal tool used to insert or remove screws. Either flat head or a Phillips. Phillips are the x looking screws. There are also Robertson which look like a square.

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These look like a pair of pliers but they are actually wire strippers, wire cutters or a splicer. These are in the plier family.

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This is a drill bit. There are multiple types meaning they all have different functions and are used on different surfaces.

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