How to How to Get Rid of Aphids With Ceylon Cinnamon Oil

Aphids known as plant lice are tiny sap sucking insects that will destroy your flowers and plants. Get rid of them fast, effectively and naturally with Cinnamon Oil. Non Toxic. Safe for humans.

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First wash the plants with water to get rid of as many aphids as possible and clean up all the sooty mold. Set the hose pressure to firm. Take your time and give your plants a good wash.

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A 2oz bottle of Ceylon Cinnamon leaf oil. Wear gloves when handling Cinnamon Oil because it is hot like Chili if it is not diluted. That means a little goes a long way.

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Fill HDX spray bottle (Home Depot $9.96) with a gallon of tap water. Use distilled water if you prefer.

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Add 8 teaspoons of Ceylon Cinnamon leaf into sprayer. Do not exceed 1% Cinnamon oil to 99% water as it will burn the plant. Next insert spray nozzle (shown in pink) and screw tightly.

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Screw the top on. Make sure the yellow bleed valve is closed so air won't escape. Now pump the black handle until the bottle is filled with air. Lock the handle by pushing it in and twisting it.

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Set the spray mister nozzle into the fine mist setting and spray all plants infected with aphids and even those that aren't as a preventive measure. The black spots on this Rose are aphids.

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Ceylon Cinnamon Oil can be used to cure " Leaf Curl " a plant disease caused by fungus, like genus Taphrina or a virus like Begomovirus.

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Spray the Cinnamon Leaf Oil evenly to prevent insects from eating the plant leaves like on this Rose plant. Spray Cinnamon Oil once every 2 weeks or as necessary, just enough to keep the insects away.

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See the white fungus on this Rose? Cinnamon Oil will prevent this from happening. Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is non toxic to humans. Cinnamon Oil is " SAFE " to spray on all your vegetable plants too.

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Ants are a big problem for plants and leaves. This ant didn't make it after a Cinnamon Oil shower. Remember only " Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil " with high Eugenol content works against aphids and ants.

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Take a look at this Rose plant a few weeks after a Ceylon Cinnamon Oil bath. Healthy with zero aphids, mold, fungus or leaf curl.

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