How to Grow Hydrangeas From Cuttings

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Find hydrangeas and cut some small branches. I find my cuttings while running around the neighborhood. Yes!!! I steal hydrangeas cuttings from the neighbors. ;)

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Place your cuttings in water, at least for an hour.

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Cut the top and the top of each leave.

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Look for your pots. I use recycle ones from the flowers I had bought.

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Place a coffee filter inside the pots. This will prevent the soil from escaping and it will keep the soil moist.


Mix potting soil, manure and compose. I use 1/2 of potting soil, 1/4 of manure and 1/4 of compose. I buy the manure in local farm and I make the compose. Fill your pots.

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Place each cutting in a pot.

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Water those babies. My daughter love this part!

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After the soil is moist use two sticks and place them in the pot. They have to be taller than the cutting.

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Put the ziplock bag on top of the plant. Make sure to use a big enough bag and that he leaves or the plant aren't touching the bag. That is what the sticks are for!


Place them in a shaded area where thy don't receive direct sunlight. I put them in my enclose porch in the floor. Make sure to keep an eye on them and water them.


After 3 weeks your cuttings should have roots and they are ready to put outside. Leave them in the pot, outside the bag in sunlight for one more week. After that they should be ready to plant! Enjoy!

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