How to Get Toned in 20 Minutes

This workout will help tone arms , legs, abs, and everywhere in between!

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Start with two minutes of warming up. My favorite is 30 seconds of knee-ups and kick backs done twice!!! Complete circuit one, then take a one minute break and complete circuit two. Do this twice


Circuit One

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Fly-backs part I: start with feet shoulder width apart and resistance band evenly under each foot. Bend legs into squatting position and hold the squat during the entire exercise.

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Fly-backs part II: bend back straight over and lift arms upwards. Hold in the elevated position, then lower. Continue this for two minutes.

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Hand Touches: these are great for arms and abs! Start in plank position and alternate between placing the right, then left hand on top of one another. Continue for two minutes.

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Bicycle Crunches: Just like regular crunches, but with a twist. Bring the left knee and right elbow in so they touch. Make sure to keep the upper back off the ground. Alternate between left and right.

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Shoulder press leg raise: I like to do these with push-up bars! Place feet on chair and lift the left leg off the ground. Do as many push-ups as you can in one minute, then alternate to the other leg


Circuit Two: rest for one minute before starting.

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Chair Pose Part I: stand with feet hip width apart. Try to sit as far down as possible while keeping the torso straight. Arms should be lifted up in front of you. Hold for 30 seconds.

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Chair Pose Part II: after 30 seconds in chair, twist your body to the right and place left elbow on outside if right leg with right arm up. Hold each side for 30 seconds, then front for 30 seconds.

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Warrior 2 Pose: Make sure back leg is turned to the side and front leg is rotated forward. Hips should be in line with front leg and knee should not be bent beyond the foot. Hold for 30 sec.

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Warrior 3: go from warrior 2. Rotate back leg forward. Then, raise back leg while lowering body. Intertwine hands above head and keep hips even. Hold for 30 sec, then complete warrior 2-3 on next leg

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Three Way Plank Part II: start in plank on forearms. Hold for 20 seconds before rotating to the left side.

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Three Way Plank Part II: rotate to the left arm with right arm straight up. Hold for 20 seconds, then complete on the left side. Complete two sets of front, right, and left rotation. Hold each 20 sec

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Extended Leg Bridge Pose Part I: Get into bridge position with shoulder blades tucked under and feet flat on floor. Only feet and shoulders should be on the floor. Bring left leg straight up.

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Extended Leg Bridge Pose Part II: Be sure hips stay even during the pose. Lower pelvis 2 inches from the ground. Hold, then come back up to starting. Continue for 1 minute, then switch to left leg.


You did it! Rest for one minute, then do the circuit one more time. For more health and fitness goodies, check out


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