How to Get Killer Holiday Legs in 4 Moves

Four exercises done 20-30 times. Repeat the entire sequence 2-3 times in 15 minutes then go show off those great looking gams!!!

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second position pliƩ: make sure to turn toes out and keep bum tucked under and torso straight. Go as far down while keeping feet on the ground. Do 20-30

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Squat kicks: feet are shoulder width apart. Bend legs so elbows touch knees while keeping the torso straight. Come up slowly and kick leg straight out to the side.

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Leg should be straight with foot flexed. Body should be leaning in opposing direction. Hold for three seconds before coming back to squat. Do 20-30 on right leg before moving on to the left.

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V-outs: lay on the floor with legs straight at 90 degrees. Your entire back should be touching the floor. If needed, place hands under tailbone. Slowly extend legs to the side so they make a "v"

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V-outs: hold "v" for 3-5 seconds before slowly bringing legs together. Complete 20-30 and wipe that brow, your working it!

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Extended leg bridge: go into bridge position with shoulders tucked under and chin tucked so only the tips of shoulders and neck are on the floor. Lift leg so it is perpendicular and hips are equal.

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Extended bridge potion: either hold for 30 seconds or lower body so you are about 2 inches from the ground. Hold and come back up. Complete 20-30 before going to other leg.

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Extended bridge pose- intermediate: leg is straight out and in the same line as the supporting leg. Still complete 20-30 per side or hold for 30. Take a 30 second break and start it all back up again!

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