How to Get Jessica Chastain's Legs

This workout should take 30 minutes! Start with a 2 minute warm up, then do each exercise for 1 minute. Complete the circuit 3 times with a 1 minute break between each.

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Wall Walks Part 1: start in plank position with feet against wall. Walk legs up wall and hands back towards wall

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Wall Walks Part 2: alternate lifting one leg off the wall once you are almost in a handstand. Walk back down the wall. Complete as many as possible in 1 minute.

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Chair Kicks: Place a chair facing towards you (intermediate) or away from you (advanced). Stand to left of chair and kick legs over to then back. Continue for 1 minute then repeat on the right side.

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Curtesy Lunges: Start with legs hip width apart. Cross the right leg behind the left and lunge. Come back to starting and alternate legs for 1 minute.

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Side Plank Knee Tucks: Get into side plank position. Stack legs and tuck the left knee into the chest. Complete as many as possible for 1 minute, then repeat on the left

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Leg Lifts with Chair: Place feet in the seat of a chair and lift torso off the ground. Alternate lifting the left and right legs into the air for 1 minute.

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Arabesque Front: hold on to a chair or counter if needed. Start in first position with arms in second. Lift pointed leg into the air while keeping hips even. Hold for 4 counts then return to starting

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Arabesque Side: lift leg to the side, keeping hips even and the leg in line with the body. Hold for 4 counts ad return to starting.

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Arabesque Back: lift pointed leg behind you while keeping torso up and hips even. Hold for 4 counts, then continue with front, side, and back for 1 min with right leg and 1 min with left.


You did it! Now take a 1 minute break and start it all up again. Complete three circuits total before going to a 2 minute cool down!


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