How to Get Email Attachments Into Dropbox Automatically

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Download the Openera app from the App Store (it's free)

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Create a new account

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Securely connect your primary email account by tapping "Where is your email?" Follow the steps to authorize your email account.

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Tap "Where is your cloud storage?"

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Select Dropbox from the list of available services. (Select any others that apply if you use them) follow the steps to securely connect your Dropbox account.

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By default your attachments are auto saved based on file type categories (Documents, Spreadsheets, Images, and Presentations) Tap the gear to create custom rules.

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Give your rule a name (Project X, Assignment B, Wedding planning, Customer Y, etc...) and define your criteria based on sender, file name keywords, etc...

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Rate and add tags for attachments that match that rule, and select Dropbox as the destination. Enter the folder name where matching attachments should go as we'll.

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Voila! Your attachments will be automatically saved to Dropbox without you having to do anything!

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BONUS: Tap any category to browse all of your files in you Inbox and connected services or tap the magnifying glass to search for a file across all connected services.

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