How to Get Easy No-Heat Soft Curls

I've seen many no-heat curl attempts, and haven't seen my easy technique. It's so simple you'll be surprised with the results!!

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This is my amazing hair conditioner! 😜 After you come out of your shower towel dry your hair and start. The curls will be tighter from wet, and softer from dry. Today's curls are from day-old hair.


My conditioner is Ginger Pumpkin from Wen. I don't use shampoo! Wen replaces all your hair products. It will cleanse your hair without ridding it of it's natural oils. Try it and you'll never go back.

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Next, spray in your favorite leave in product. This is an optional step, it adds a slight bit more hold, but really, it's just good for your hair. 😉

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Twist your hair in the direction you want your curls to be. If you want them outwards twist away from your face, but for inverse, twist to your face. I like my outwards! 😃

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Now keep on twisting until your hair wants to fold upwards.

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Keep on twisting. See video for me twisting and folding. It will want to go into a bun. Don't let it,😳 buns will give weird angles in your curls! I know, I look stupid at the beginning of the video.


Repeat for the other side! Keep some consistency. Either both curls outwards or both curls inwards.

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A little blurry, but use a hair tie or well anything to keep it folded up.


SLEEP! Leave the twists in. And when you wake up, hair spray... ( I don't have a reccomended brand since I hate the texture of hairspray, I don't hairspray and it stays in for about 12 hours.)

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Remove hair tie, undo the fold and voila!! 😄😄😄

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