How to Fix Up an Old Dresser

This is plastic surgery for all you furnies out there that see possibilities in every beaten-up heirloom for sale. Craigslist is our playground. This simple how-to is your guide to popularity.

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Move your piece of furniture outside. Lightly sand the surface, using more pressure on rough edges to smooth 'em down. Remove any hardware like drawer pulls. Move your furniture onto the drop cloth.

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Spray two to three coats of white flat primer over the surface. If your piece has drawers, take them out and spray them separately. Allow to fully dry according to the paint can.

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Paint two to three coats of your new color, using a roller on large flat areas and a brush in the small, detailed areas. Let each coat dry in between. Give the last at least 3 hours to dry.

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Add hardware (I used the original) using a screwdriver. Put all drawers back.

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Take a pretty picture with Instagram and post it on Facebook to make your friends jealous (requires iPhone, Internet connection and hubris). Then post on CL and make a profit! Upcycling is so chic.

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