How to Fix Drain Clogging and Clean Drain Odor

Don't Call a Plumber! Try this for a Clogged Drain, to Prevent Clogged Drains, and Clean Drain Odor. Use on Drains for..Sinks, Tubs, Dishwasher, and Drains for Washing Machine, even Outside Drains!

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Gather your supplies.

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Sprinkle small amount Baking Soda over Drain to prevent clogging or clean out odor. If clogged, dump at least 1/2 cup right on drain through the backed up water.

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Add enough vinegar to clear out baking soda. The two make a reaction that foams and clears out any debris in it's way.

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When you can no longer hear the foaming going down your Drain, rinse with Hot Water. Ta-Da! Fresh, Clear, Odor Free Drain!

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