How to Fix Broken Powder Compact Makeup

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First thing you'll need is a broken powder compact. Mine is hoola bronzer by Benefit. You can do this with blush, bronzers, eye shadows, etc!

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Pour in some rubbing alcohol until its all absorbed. Start with small amounts depending on how much powder you have.

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After you add the alcohol mix it around with your finger.

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It should look this

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Flatten it out as best you can and leave it overnight!! All the alcohol will evaporate and you won't have to buy new makeup!

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This was taken about an hour later. You can tell the alcohol is evaporating already and the color is much lighter and almost back to normal!

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The mac studio fix the next day! Alcohol smell is completely gone and it swatches the exact same as before. I guess I could have done a neater job flattening it and making it level but that's okay.

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There's the hoola bronzer after the alcohol evaporated! Works just the same!

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