How to Fix a Ceramic/Porcelain Doll

If you've ever broken a ceramic doll and thought about throwing it out, there's no need to! It can be easily fixed.

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Some people drop or knock over their things which causes them to break into pieces. In my case, it was my cat's doing. Here's the damage. Collect all of the pieces into a pile!

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All you need is some elmer's glue, a cheap paintbrush and a piece of paper. You can choose to use a stronger glue, but elmer's glue works just fine.

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Start to solve the puzzle! Try piecing things together, this way you'll know where and what to glue.

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Paint a thick yet even coat on the rim where the two pieces will be meeting.

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Press the pieces together and hold for a few seconds. Then wipe off the excess glue that oozes through the cracks.

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You can paint a thin layer of glue on the outside to fill in cracks, don't worry it'll dry clear.

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Paint a couple of thick layers on the insides to seal in the pieces and fill in cracks.

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You may notice some scrapes on the outside, depending on how bad the fall was. Once the doll has dried you can paint over them.

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It's coming together nicely!

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It's done! Now all you have to do is place it somewhere safe to dry overnight. Preferably somewhere low like a bottom shelf so it's safe from falling really high up!

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