How to Entertain a Sick Boy

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When your 8 year old is sick for days, a few things are very important.

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First, make sure they have enough to eat, but choose carefully, especially if barfing has taken place. Chicken noodle soup is still a great way to fill their tummy and cheer them up.

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Next, be sure to do what you can to reduce their different pains. Cough drops are a great way to soothe a sore throat or even help with sinus trouble.

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Once they are as comfortable as possible, some entertainment is a helpful distraction. Movies work quite effectively.

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For best results, make sure the clicker is safely in their reach.

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For this option, you will need a DVD player, or an option like Netflix instant streaming.

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When the movie is done it's good to have some electronic devices available. iPads can be great, and if you're lucky, maybe you can even get them to play some of those educational games or apps.

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Laptops are also great tools- we even had fun practicing our typing together for some entertainment.

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And lastly, even a few minutes here and there for some school work can help pass the time.

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While great fun is hard to come by when you're on day 4 of a fever, these tips and steps can really help.

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