How to Embed a Quizlet Flashcard Stack Into Edmodo

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The first thing you need to do is go to your Quizlet flashcard stack that you would like to embed into Edmodo.

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In the upper left-hand corner you have some options on how to share this flashcard set. You need to select link or embed.

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The next screen that pops up will give you some options for embed codes. Select the embed code for flashcards and copy it.

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When you go to Edmodo you will want to compose a new note. In the note you will want to select "link" to allow a link to be added.

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Once you click link, the option will come up to enter that embed code we copied earlier. You will need to paste the link here and give it a title.

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This screen shows the students' screen once note is complete. Students need to click on the "play" button to practice flashcards right in Edmodo. The other link option takes them to the Quizlet site.

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Notice students have a study mode options here. The upper left corner also has an option to enable audio.

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