How to Effectively Use iSight Camera on iOS 7 in 9 Steps

Some basic guidelines to capture your favourite moments perfectly.

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With iOS 7, Apple has introduced new and revamped features in iSight camera. Here are my 9 easy steps for effectively using it.

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To snap & give your pictures the Instagram type effect, you have the option to select from 8 different filters. Just click on the filter button located on the bottom right conner of the camera screen.

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To lock onto the area where you have auto focused the light exposure and don't want it to change, tap and hold onto the area you want to auto focus for a few seconds.You'll then see an AE/AF LOCK tag.

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To snap pictures in square shape, just flip from Photo -> Square mode.

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For taking panorama pictures flip to the end to PANO. Tapping on the arrow will change the direction from left->right to right->left

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To take vertical panorama pictures just tilt your iPhone horizontally. Using the AE/AF LOCK is great when taking panoramas.

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Swipe to extreme left to record videos.Certain iPhone models(5,5s & 5c) give you the option of a digital 3x zoom while recording; previously, you could only zoom before making a recording.

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To zoom in the photo/video mode,you need to pinch the screen with two fingers,then continue to pinch either in or out to decrease or increase zoom. Or use the slider as in the picture above to +/-.

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Burst Mode: Hold down one of the volume buttons to snap some pictures in burst mode. Also by holding down one of the volume button for 1 sec will auto focus the picture before it snaps.

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When snapping pics in Landscapes,Portraits in Sunlight & Low-Light and Backlit Scenes turn on the HDR button located on the top-middle of the screen. It'll make your photos look much better.

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Tips: •To turn on the Grid button, go to Settings>Photos & Camera & scroll down to find it.•Keep the flash in auto mode. •Avoid using HDR for photos with movement,high-contrast scenes & vivid colors


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