How to Edit Pictures Fast From Your iPhone/iPod

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Head to the App Store and download Photoshop express. Its free and doesn't take much memory.

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As soon as you open photoshop, you must either take a picture or load one from your library in order to edit.

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For example, I opened this photo from my library. Here you can review your selected photo before you start editing.

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Now click on the Pencil on the bottom right.

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If you hit on top right, where there are the effects you can add filters on your selected photo. For example I used vibrant because I wanted more heat in my picture.

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Alternatively, you can just make some minor adjustments as shown in the picture. For example black and white, etc. You can also crop your picture by using the crop tool(top left).

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As soon as you are happy and ready with your picture, hit save on the bottom right. Thats about it, you are done !


If you are satisfied with my quick guide follow me for more :)

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