How to Drive Discovery 3

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This button on the steering wheel is the cruse control set/resume (top rocker) and cancel button (bottom rocker).

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The button above it adjusts your speed while in cruise control.

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For the most part you each adjust the temperature for your half of the car and the system does the rest. You can press the Off button if you like and then Auto to turn it back on.

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To use the Sat Nav. Press the menu button.

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Then press destination entry.

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Then choose address, point of interest (e.g. Stonehenge or Bath) or postcode.

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Type where you want to go or street name etc.Then press list.

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Select the option if it is showing. Or scroll down the list using the scroll buttons.

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Once you select a place it will show it on the map. You can zoom out to double check you are not going to Stonehenge in Scotland. Always worth a double check! :) Once ready press Destination.

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It will give you three route options. However normally just accept the default one and press Start.

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If you want to cancel guidance press the Menu button and that option is on the right. You can also mute the voice by pressing the buttons below that one.

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Confirm you want to cancel.

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To apply the handbrake pull up the button next to the gear leaver. You can turn it off by pushing down while your foot is on the brake. That said it auto disengages when you press the accelerator.

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To lower the car pull the lever on the left back. To lock it in that position hold it back until you hear the bong. To unlock hold it forward. Height is 1.97m.

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You can pair your phone with the car. Its called Land Rover and the Bluetooth code is 2121.

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There is a micro usb charging cable (for your phone) and 3.5mm Walkman plug down beside your seat. To listen to an iPod select AUX on the radio.


There is plenty of water around the car and also some in the fridge between the front seats. Help yourself and have fun. :)


Wipers and lights come on automatically. Also the lights stay on for 60 seconds after you lock the car if its dark. So don't worry.

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